Stop Evaporation


Aquafilm liquid anti evaporation film and water surface polish

Aquafilm is a unique silicone based liquid which spreads across the waters surface, forming a thin film which polishes the waters surface, resulting in a mirror like finish, while reducing evaporation.

Every square metre of water surface area loses approximately 8 litres to evaporation every day in the warmer months. Independent trials using Aquafilm have achieved evaporation savings of around 50%. Evaporation is the single largest cause of water loss.

Aquafilm is safe for drinking water storages, domestic and commercial swimming pools, irrigation storages, dams and ponds.


Liquid blanket to save water

WaterGuard is a unique liquid which spreads over the surface of water to form a very thin film and reduce evaporation. WaterGuard is produced from polymers which repel each other very strongly when they come in contact with the water. This results in a strong spreading action across the surface, forming a liquid ‘blanket’ to reduce evaporation.

Water losses from evaporation are immense. A single square metre of water surface can easily lose up to 8 litres to evaporation every day in summer, and a one hectare dam can lose up to 80,000 litres. Water that is essential for animals and growing crops.

Trials in the US have achieved evaporation savings of 50% and above.

AquaFILM saves your water

Application Method

Aquafilm can be applied by simply pouring it directly from the drum on to the water. It will spread rapidly across the waters surface.

Application Rates

To polish the water’s surface apply 100ml per 100 square metres of water surface area & reapply as required.

To assist in the reduction of evaporation, regardless of the depth of the water, we recommend an initial application of 100ml per 100 square metres of water surface area, followed by 50ml per 100 square metres of water surface area, weekly to fortnightly during the summer months.

In Swimming Pools

For a standard domestic pool, apply 50ml initially plus 50ml weekly during summer.

Available for swimming pools and ponds 5L & 20L.

Always read the label directions & use as directed by the label.

Independent trials using Aquafilm have achieved evaporation savings of around 50%.

Is WaterGuard Safe?

The components of WaterGuard are safe chemicals, and many of them are used in food and pharmaceutical applications. An application for certification of WaterGuard for drinking water is currently underway.

Performance Under Duration

Once the film is in place, it is very resistant to disturbances. It will move around slowly over the surface, but will not build up at one end of the water body. In the event of rain, the blanket will not be affected as it will allow the rain to go through without disturbing the film.

Application Methods

WaterGuard can simply be poured on to the water directly from the drum, and it will spread rapidly across the surface. For larger applications, it can also be applied by air.

Application Rates

Regardless of the depth of the water, we recommend an application rate of 10 litres per hectare of surface area (1 litre per 1,000 sq metres) every 3 weeks during the warmer months.