Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is a powder/granular blend of polymers.

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® and Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® Professional is broadcast out on to the surface water of the dam and allowed to sink vertically down below the point where it contacts the surface of the water. The polymer particles get drawn into leaking areas where they lodge and create a barricade constricting the loss of water.

The following has been provided to assist the user maximise the effectiveness of the application of the product.

  • Step 1

    There needs to be water in the dam. The best time to apply is after recent rain. This will ensure you retain as much of your water as possible. The water level needs to be above the area that has been identified to be treated. If you are treating the base of the dam then sufficient depth to create enough pressure to cause the dam to start to leak is required.

    How aquatic dam stop leak works diagram

  • Step 2

    The dam needs to be leaking. The leaking water acts as a carrier to transfer the product to where the leak is. The polymer gets drawn into a crack or crevice or porous area where it gets stuck and starts to expand creating a long lasting bond.. The expansion rates can range from 100 to 200 times their original size. As the polymer grows it creates massive blockages which constrict the loss of water.

  • Step 3

    There is a maximum broadcast distance by hand. The powder and granular components will separate if the broadcast distance is more than approximately 3m which will affect the performance of the product. If you need to treat an area more than 3m from the bank then the use of a boat will assist.

    Use string lines to turn a large body of water into a series of smaller 3m wide strips. This allows the product to be applied with greater accuracy.

    Apply the product to each strip in two sweeps.

  • Step 4

    Although we have had feedback from clients that sealing has been achieved after 1 day we suggest maintaining a water level above the area treated for at least 2-3 weeks to the give the polymer plenty of time to hydrate and create the necessary blockages.

Other tips

  1. Apply the product on low wind days.
  2. Draw a map of your dam or pond and mark on it the areas you will be treating and the quantity of product you will be applying for future reference.
  3. If the dam has a fast leak you may need to do an extra application.
  4. The Product becomes tacky when wet but will wash away with running water.

5. Apply Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® at a rate of 80g per square metre of water surface area.

6. Apply Dam Stop Leak® Professional at a rate of 60g per square meter of water surface.

7. For best results apply Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® when water temperature is above 5C and where wind conditions are light.

Applying Dam Stop Leak®

To apply Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® when the location of the leakage is not known, simply spread the product over the entire water’s surface by hand or with an appropriate powder applicator, at the specified application rate.

If the location of the leak is known Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® can be applied in general area of the known leakage, at the specified application rate.