Aquatic Dam Stop Leak®

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® (or ADSL) is applied directly to the surface water in the dam. Once it comes into contact with the water it creates an invisible net that carries the polymers downwards. The different sized polymers start to expand and create a gel that is drawn into voids and areas where water is seeping through porous soil. The polymers begin to bond together and expand to fill any holes, cracks and porous sections of the dam’s base. Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® creates a long lasting virtually permanent layer to seal the dam’s structural walls and create it’s own geomembrane.

How aquatic dam stop leak works diagram

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is a blended formulation of polymer granules that are 99% water insoluble which become active immediately upon application. Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is sucked into the dam’s cracks and porous areas. This results in a positive seal caused by the massive growth of the polymer’s particle size. This process is further enhanced with the packing of super fine suspended particles attracted by the unique charge built into the product.

  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® creates a seal without the need to empty the dam of water.
  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® can be applied to full or partially full dams.
  • The application of Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is quick, simple and begins to work immediately.
  • The application of Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is cost effective without the need for heavy expensive earth moving equipment.
  • Treatment can be targeted directly at a known leakage problem area or if the general location of the leak is not known then the entire dam can be treated.
  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is easy to apply.
  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is non toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is long life. Once polymers are in place, they will become part of the dam structure and will last for many years to come.