Need help fixing your Dam or Pond Wall?

If your Dam or Pond is seeping or loss of water is an issue, then Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is your answer. Simple to use for the DIY handyman, simply sprinkle the product straight from the tub over your pond water and watch it plug any holes in your dam/pond walls. The product is drawn into any crevices and will remain there, thus creating a seal and insulted layer over the substrate. With no need to drain the water in your Pond or Dam, Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is the ultimate pond sealer on the market and also has the best rate of coverage for the cost on the market. With 100% positive feedback, we stand behind the quality of the product.

Aquatic Technologies specialises in products for water quality within Australia.

Operating since 1998, Aquatic Technologies is a leading provider of algae control, aquatic harvesting, water testing and water quality services and advice to Government authorities, water treatment plant operators, mining companies, irrigators, nursery growers, lake management committees, local councils, pond cleaning companies, aquarium operators, water garden retailers, pet stores and chemical resellers.

We provide specialised services and products developed and manufactured in Australia and sourced internationally from the world’s best suppliers to deliver world leading results in the control and management of algae and aquatic plants.


Aquatic Technologies distributes some of the world’s leading brands in categories including:

Fountains and Aerators

100% Positive Feedback!

Seal your Dam with DAM STOP LEAK®.
The easy solution for sealing your dam or pond.