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What is Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® ?

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® provides a quick, safe and easy to apply method of stopping leaks in irrigation and stock watering dams. It stops leaks in dams without the need to empty the dam of water or use large excavation equipment. It can be applied to full or partially full dams. The product is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It contains no Potassium like other brands and is the safest polymer sealant available. It does not matter whether your leak is from the the base or the sides , Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® will stop your leak.

  • Applied directly to the surface water.
  • No need to empty or drain your dam.
  • Can be applied generally or to a specific area.
  • A long lasting seal
  • Non Toxic and Environmentally Friendly. The safest polymer sealant on the market.

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is easy to Use

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is a powder/granular blend of polymers. The product is broadcast out on to the surface water of the dam. It then creates a gel that is drawn into the leak where it expands and bonds with the dam structure creating a long lasting seal. This puts a stop to your leaking water.

Step 1. There needs to be water in the dam. It is best applied after recent rainfall. The water level needs to be above the area that has been identified to be treated. If you are treating the base of the dam then sufficient depth to create enough pressure to cause the dam to start to leak is required.

Step 2. The dam needs to be leaking. The leaking water acts as a carrier to transfer the product to where the leak is. The polymer gets drawn into a crack or crevice or porous area where it gets stuck and starts to expand. The expansion rates can range from 100 to 200 times their original size. As the polymer grows it creates massive blockages which constrict the loss of water.

Step 3. Although we have had feedback from clients that sealing has been achieved after 1 day we suggest maintaining a water level above the area treated for at least 2-3 weeks to the give the polymer plenty of time to hydrate and create the necessary blockages

Before using Aquatic Dam Stop Leak

After using Aquatic Dam Stop Leak

What does Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® do?

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak® is applied directly to the surface water in the dam. Once the polymers come in contact with the water they create an invisible net that carries the polymers downwards. The different sized polymers start to expand and along with the soil get sucked into the voids and areas where the water is leaking. These polymers create a plug and continue to expand filling holes, cracks and porous soils. It then creates a long lasting seal.

  • Easy to apply
  • Creates a long lasting seal
  • No need to empty the dam

100% Positive Feedback

Seal your Dam with DAM STOP LEAK®.
The easy solution for sealing your dam or pond.